Creating a new experience for searching candidates

The process

Pushing candidates to customers

I recently worked for HireSweet, a French startup that develops a SaaS HR software helping tech companies find the best talent around the world. They contacted me to work on a new section, the "Candidates" section. The idea is that HireSweet normally pushes candidates to its customers, but they wanted to find a new way for HireSweet users to "pull" candidates in a "self-serve" sections.

The process

Exploring several ideas on wireframes

I proposed several ideas in the low-fidelity phase. I especially found interesting ideas thanks to my benchmark: “Discover and poke” (Mockup #1), especially inspired from matching platforms like Tinder or OK Cupid; “CRM” (Mockup #2) inspired from CRM tools like HubSpot, where you can view your list of contacts and them contact them in an inbox-like experience; and finally “Systematic jobs” (Mockup #3) which leverages the way the HireSweet product already works, by having a list of candidates that you can add to existing jobs.

Here's the low-fidelity mockup done for the CRM experience (idea #2), with the list of candidates that can be filtered and sorted with multiple criteria:

In the same CRM experience, candidates are then visible in an inbox-like view, here's the low-fidelity mockup I did to illustrate this idea:

Producing the high fidelity mockups

After the first phase (low-fidelity mockups), we then agreed on the version that best answered HireSweet's objectives and I produced the high-fidelity mockups of their new navigation. Below are some screens of the final UI of the Idea 3 (systematic jobs):

“It's always a pleasure to work with Lucas, he is smart, reliable and efficient. He has strong business, product and design skills which is very valuable for a startup like us”
Paul Bachelier
COO, HireSweet
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