Hi! I'm Lucas Didier, I've been doing things with computers since I'm 6.

I make a living out of designing and building digital products. I worked as a Product Manager in various startups & tech companies from 2013 to 2018 (incl. PayPal, BlaBlaCar, PayFit) and turned Product Designer since 2018.

In 2018, I discovered Figma and it became my new toy. In 2021, I discovered Webflow (I mean, I knew about it for a long time but it was scaring me more than anything else 🙈) and it opened up a new world of opportunities to me.

Today, I'm combining client work (check out my recent case studies) and some personal projects (check out the products I've been working on). I like to combine a long-term commitment (right now, working for Plato as a part-time Product Manager) with short-term UX projects.

I'm also working on a product management course for aspiring product managers: you can join the waiting list here.

I try to share my thoughts on product management & product design on Medium, but you can also follow me on Twitter where I'm rather active.